How to Choose A Backpack


As days passes by, there are activities that you involve in. some of these activities like schooling, some businesses or mountain climbing requires that you carry a backpack. A backpack is a type of a bag that has shoulder straps that makes it possible for you to carry it on your back.

how to choose a backpack for hiking

Having said that, it is important that when you want to purchase a backpack, you should get one that is very comfortable as some days you will be carrying it for longer parts of the day and therefore you do not something that will quickly make you uncomfortable to carry. It is for that reason that we through this article would like to provide you with information on how to choose some of the best backpacks for your need.

Why do you need a backpack?

For you to purchase a backpack, there has to be something that you want from it. Below are some of the benefits that come with owning a backpack.

Easy storage

When travelling for instance, storing backpacks either in a plane, a bus or a train is easier as compared to other types of bags. Fitted with compression straps it makes it easier for them to be compressed so that they fit in smaller spaces too.


Compared to the structures of other types of bags, backpacks are very comfortable to carry around as they do not pull your body to one side with their weight. They are designed to evenly distribute their weight equally on your shoulders, back and hips. This makes it possible for you to carry it around for longer hours without getting tired. Moreover, the straps that make up backpacks are thick with enough padding that also guarantees comfort.

Easy to move around

More than any other types of bags, backpacks are easier to move around even though a crowd. Also, it is easier to carry a backpack over a flight of stairs more than the types of bags that requires you to drag or roll them.

Offers protection to your luggage

Most backpacks are made of waterproof materials that keep your luggage safe in the case that you are rained on. This boosts your confidence knowing that whatever the weather will look like, the items inside your backpack will be safe.

Proper organization

Backpacks are designed to have several compartments that enables you to organize your items well before leaving for work, school or a journey. In addition to that, small items can easily be reached when need be if the backpack is properly organized.

What are the factors to consider before buying a backpack?

how to choose a backpack for hiking

There are many factors that should be considered before buying a backpack and some of them are discussed below;


This is one of the greatest factors that should be considered. Depending on the need of the backpack and what activities you are intending to use it for, you will be able to choose the one that fits you most. For instance, the backpack size you will buy for going to school or work with will be of different size than the one you will buy for the purposes of travelling.


How the shoulder and the hip belt of a back pack is padded will also play a major role in determining which one you buy. If the items you are planning to carry on your backpack will be heavy, definitely you will go for one with heavier padding to guarantee comfort when carrying it.


Depending on how the weather around the environment that you will be carrying the backpack looks like ventilation of the bag might also be one factor to consider. If the environment is warm, the need for a well-ventilated bag rises.

Apart from the ones discussed, there are other factors that may need to be consider when choosing the best backpack. Some of them include its hydration compatibility, presence of removable lids, rain cover and external attachments.


There are many benefits that comes with owning a backpack including the fact that it is easier to move around, it’s more comfortable and can easily be stored among many others. There are also factors to be considered before choosing a backpack and some of them are discussed above. Depending on your need, you will be able to find one that suits you best.

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