Best Spinning Rod For Bass And Reviews 2017

It’s no easy task to pick out a proper spinning rod without adding the thousands of models available and the specific intent to catch bass. You’ll find this pursuit much easier after reading this guide to the best spinning rod for bass. Questions like “What length rod works best for bass?” and “Should I spend extra money for a bass rod?” will be answered and more. Don’t miss out on the bass spinning rod reviews that follow. You’ll find amazing performance and pricing in the suggested spinning rods for bass listed below.

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Spinning Rod For Bass & Reviews

What Is A Bass Spinning Rod?

Best Spinning Rod For BassHere you have a couple of requirement put together which in itself narrows down the search. Spinning rods are made to be paired with spinning reels, and have their own qualifications. On top of that, you want a spinning rod that handle largemouth, smallmouth, or even saltwater bass species.

The best spinning rod for bass will follow all the specifications that describe saltwater or freshwater spinning rods. But which specific attributes make a spinning rod right for bass fishing? Focus your attention on the remainder of this guide and all your questions about bass rods will unfold.

How Is The Best Spinning Rod For Bass Different Than Other Spinning Rods?

Best Spinning Rod For BassAnglers interested in bass spinning rods start by answering the freshwater or saltwater question. You may jump over any time for a quick course on the best saltwater spinning rods or learn about freshwater spinning rods as you desire. If you’re not sure which rod to get, it’s a safe bet to go saltwater due to the fact that they cross over to any water you might fish.

Besides this, Bass rods are simply stronger than other spinning rods. Bass put up one of the strongest fights an angler could hope for and the rods need to be able to handle this. Bass also grow to a wide variety of sizes and the best spinning rod for bass will provide enough force to handle them all.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Rod For Bass

Once you decide on a salt or freshwater spinning rod, several other choices appear that need to be addressed. Price will play a role in the quality of parts and durability of the rod you choose as is true with most retail products. For instance, two piece spinning rods run less but aren’t as durable or dependable as one piece rods. The next section explains the specifications of a spinning rod with an emphasis on bass fishing.

Specifications To Look For In The Best Spinning Rod For Bass

Best Spinning Rod For BassWhen you search the web for the best spinning rod for bass, you will find a couple different schools of thought. One will say that bass spinning rods are only for certain ultralight fishing situations. For the advanced bass fisherman this is absolutely true, but what about the beginner? No realistic fisherman expects a beginner to wield a baitcasting rod and reel with any amount of excellence.

An ultralight spinning rod certainly won’t do for a beginner who wants to catch medium or even lunker size bass. Neither school of thought is wrong. They just don’t provide the full picture of bass fishing when they stand on their own. Reviews of the best spinning rod for bass should include both lightweight models for pros and heavier rods for beginners.

Exact specifications for bass spinning rods will be the same as all other spinning rods. The specs describe the parts used to make the rod which includes blank , line guides, reel seat, handles, and butt. They also describe the way a rod behaves with terms for rod power and rod action. Lastly, specs will identify the line size and the lure weight ranges of the rod.

Features Of The Best Spinning Rod For Bass

Bass are one of the stronger fighting species of fish which is one of the reasons anglers love to fish for them. They will put extra stress on any rod you use. Blanks are made to maintain their flex indefinitely but the line guides will wear and start to separate from the rod if they aren’t high quality. The reel seat also sustains a large amount of force and will deteriorate as well when not well made. These are the components not worth skimping on if you want the best spinning rod for bass.

Finding The Right Specs & Features For Your Needs

5 Of The Best Spinning Rods For Bass – Top Choices Of 2017

1. St. Croix Bass X Spinning Rod

Bass anglers rave about St. Croix and their quality rods at a reasonable price. The St. Croix Bass X series offers excellence in parts and performance that fishermen come to depend on. Bass X spinning rods feature 4 different models to choose from in lengths that range from 6’8″ to 7’1″. They use hard aluminum oxide line guides with Fuji DPS reel seats.

Best Spinning Rod For Bass

St. Croix Bass X Spinning Rod

The action on Bass X spinning rods is either fast or extra fast and their power ranges from medium light to medium heavy. Line ratings for these 4 models range from 6 to 14 pounds. This is a perfect line range for bass fishing with a spinning rod. The 14 pounds can be a bit heavy to fish monofilament line because of it’s tendency to twist. Bass fishermen often use braided line to avoid the wind knots that occur in mono line while spin fishing.

St. Croix rods bring the durability and performance necessary for extended bass fishing use and take great care in their construction. Bass X rods are double treated with a resin finish and come with a 5 year warranty. St. Croix streamlines the process of rod repair and replacement which makes them another bass angler favorite. Should anything be wrong or go wrong with your St. Croix Bass X rod, they will fix or replace it with the least amount of hassle and time.

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2. Abu Garcia Vengeance Bass Spinning Rod

Best Spinning Rod For Bass

Abu Garcia Vengeance Bass Spinning Rod

High quality spinning rods at an affordable price is a quality any angler can appreciate and can be found in Abu Garcia Vengeance models. The best spinning rod for bass doesn’t always have to run a higher price tag. Another feature anglers relish in a series of rods is variety and Vengeance offers 8 to choose from. These Abu Garcia spinning rods split between 1 or two piece blanks and work perfect for bass fishing.

Features of Vengeance spinning rods include stainless steel line guides with titanium oxide inserts. This means they can cross over to fish spotted bay bass, sand bass, kelp bass, and other saltwater bass species. Specs of Vengeance spinning rods start with line ratings between 6 and 14 pounds depending on the model. Rod action is fast on every model but power ratings range from medium light to medium heavy, again depending on the model. Rod lengths are either 6’6″ or 7′.

Other features of Abu Garcia Vengeance Spinning rods include 24 ton modulus graphite blanks, split grips with EVA padded foam handles, and a hook keeper at the base. The 1 piece models offer better durability but anglers may prefer the 2 piece breakdown rods for mobility purposes. Either way, Vengeance rod specs fall right into the range anglers look for in bass fishing rods.

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3. Daiwa Tatula Bass Spinning Rod

Best Spinning Rod For Bass

Daiwa Tatula Bass Spinning Rod

The Tatula series spinning rod offers the serious bass angler higher performance and quality of components. This always translates to a better bass fishing experience. Tatula spinning rods have 3 models to choose from with lengths of 7′, 7’1″, and 7’2″. They are all 1 piece rods with line ratings perfect for bass fishing between 6 and 17 pounds.

Tatula bass spinning rods have either fast or extra fast action and power ratings of medium light, medium, and medium heavy. Features of Tatula rods include 8 Fuji alconite line guides, a split grip with hook keeper, and a custom Daiwa reel seat with an aluminum reel clamp nut. Rod blanks are made of Daiwa’s patented SVF (Super Volume Fiber) technology and claim virtually zero rod twist.

Daiwa Tatula one piece spinning rods are the perfect choice for bass fishermen. They compare in performance to St. Croix Bass X rods and have the same 5 year warranty. Daiwa is well known for excellence in fishing gear and the Tatula lives up to that expectation.

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4. St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rod

The Mojo Bass line from St. Croix offers anglers a step up from their Bass X series. They have 4 models to choose from which are each designed for a specific style of bass fishing. The Wacky style rod is 6’8 with medium power and extra fast action. It’s rated for 6-12 pound line and is made for weightless Senko worm style fishing. This rod features the ultimate in sensitivity and allows an angler to feel the slightest tug on their line.

Best Spinning Rod For Bass

St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rods

The Drop Shot/Finesse rod is 6’10” with medium light power and extra fast action. It has a line rating of 6-10 pounds and is made for drop shot style fishing. These rods feature a sensitive tip but backbone for deep hook sets. The third model is built for fishing plastics and has a length of 7’1″. These rods are made for casting and fishing all types of plastics and swimbaits. They have a line rating of 6-12 pounds, fast action, and medium power.

The last Mojo Bass spinning rod specializes in power and can put the hammer down on heavier fish. It has a length of 7’1″ with fast action and medium heavy power. With a line rating of 8-14 pound test, Mojo Bass Power Spin models come as the heaviest of the series. All Mojo Bass rods are 1 piece and have the standard 5 year warranty. The blanks use premium high modulus graphite, quality Kigan line guides, and Fuji DPS reel seats. The split handles use high quality cork for a comfortable feel.

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5. Fenwick HMG Bass Spinning Rod

The Fenwick HMG series joins the list of the best spinning rod for bass. These rods are par for the course beside St. Croix Bass X rods at exactly the same price point. The beauty of Fenwick HMG spinning rods is the variety of choice with 17 models in total. Fenwick allows anglers to select the rod handle style they prefer most, much like St. Croix does with many of their models.

17 models of bass spinning rods in one line gives a wide range of specs as well. Fenwick HMG spinning rods make an offering in either 1 or 2 piece blanks and range in length from 6′ to 7’6″. Rod action ranges from moderate to fast and power ratings fall between ultra light and medium heavy. An angler could find a spinning rod for nearly every type of bass fishing situation in the HMG series alone.

Fenwick patented TAC handles appear to use a cork material but it’s much tackier and durable than real cork material. Deep pressed titanium guides fill out the rod and are made to prevent the inserts from popping out. Fenwick is another trusted name in fishing and HMG rods shine for so many bass fishing techniques.

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Best Spinning Rod For Bass Vs Common Freshwater Spinning Rods

Finishing Touches

The best spinning rod for bass changes shape, price, and specs all depending upon the user and their needs. You will find a difference in what’s recommended as the best spinning rod for bass compared to common freshwater spinning rods. It’ll come through in the quality of parts and the behavior of the rod. Bass fishing rods are often used for different styles of fishing as shown in St. Croix Mojo Bass models.

The list above does provide one cheaper model seen in the Abu Garcia Vengeance line. The other four models use higher quality parts and give much better performance for bass fishing. These rods last due to the quality of make and offer the best in bass fishing at the most reasonable of rates.

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