Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo And Reviews 2018

Fishing rods and reels aren’t anything like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re out of peanut butter, you can always make a jelly sandwich and vice versa. In fishing, however, one rod or one reel won’t do you any good. They have to go together or there’s no setup, and it won’t work. When you’re in the market for a new setup, you can go one of two ways. Buy your rod and reel separately, or get a packaged combination. Of course, there are benefits and disadvantages to whichever route you choose. The best spinning rod and reel combo diminishes the drawbacks and lifts the value of your purchase.

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo With Following Reviews

What Makes The Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo?

Best Spinning Rod And Reel ComboFor starters, you’ll want to ensure the quality of any new rod and reel combo you consider. Spending less money usually means inferior equipment, but not always. There’s a fine line between companies that make junk to sell and those that bring the power of volume to deliver performance. The main issue with cheaper rod and reel combos is their durability. They will perform, but don’t expect them to last more than a few years.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

It all comes down to what you want and your budget, though it is possible to find good caliber rod and reel combos for less. The reviews that follow reveal this truth. Time and customer feedback proves it. So do the rod and reel features and specifications. It’s truly amazing what fishing companies can offer at the price they ask. You’ll find that all spinning rod and reel combo reviews below bring value to the table. The last question that needs answering is what you intend to use it for. This will determine your need and direct you to a suitable combo.

Getting  A Grasp On Specifications 

Best Spinning Rod And Reel ComboLooking at spinning rod and reel combos, there’s more to the specs than buying them separately. The good news is that companies match rods and reels when they put combos together. You won’t have to worry about matching rod and reel specs. You will have to decide what specs you want for your fishing destinations. Be sure to check the best saltwater spinning reel for a complete rundown of reel specifications. It’s also important to be aware of rod specs so you know the definitions before buying. Rod and reel specs won’t have anything to do with saltwater protection. These will be found in the features.

Features Of The Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

You should start with the question of saltwater or fresh. Saltwater rods and reels carry features that offer marine anti rust protection. You’ll find stainless steel and reel seals that keep out harmful grit on saltwater fishing rod and reel combos. These are very important for durability when fishing the ocean. You can shave dollars off combo costs if you only fish freshwater, as the added protection runs prices up.

Putting Specs & Features Together To Find Your Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo


Best Spinning Rod And Reel ComboAs before mentioned, combo rod and reel specs will work together so no worries there. Think about what rod power and max reel drag you want because this will spell out the size of fish the combo is capable of catching. As an angler, it’s quite an experience to be outmatched. You just don’t want to be overpowered by average size fish. The best rod and reel combo will be able to handle even above average sized fish. If an enormous fish runs all your line out, you can target it with a heavier setup or accept that the fish won.


Spinning rod and reel combos come with numerous different features. These explain the special craftsmanship of each product. Rod make may contain advanced carbon fiber or fiber glass technology and features will explain this. Rod features also tell the quality of components like line guides, reel seats, handles, and butt style.

Reel features display those characteristics not included in the specs. This could be a baitrunner or the reel’s means of saltwater protection. Companies like Daiwa, Abu Garcia, Shimano, and Penn add features that help with casting and enhanced drag systems to name just a few. One preferred method of finding a rod and reel combo is to look for the features you want first, then ensure that the combo offers the specs you need for line size and drag.

Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo – Top 5 Picks

#1 Pflueger President Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

Best spinning rod and reel combo

The Pflueger President Rod And Reel Combo.

The reel: One of the best selling reels on the market today is the Pflueger President, and with good reason. Adding a rod is as easy as getting the combo and it’s well worth it. The reel is top quality with 9 bearings and max drag range of 6 – 12 pounds. The frame and rotor of the President spinning reel is lightweight graphite which also prevents rust. These reels are saltwater approved and left or right hand adjustable.

The Rod: IM-8 graphite blanks start the features of the matching rods. It’s a high modulus graphite blank which gives extra power on recoil. The rods are extremely sensitive, allowing you to feel the slightest action at the end of your line. Rod power starts at ultra light when paired with the smallest reel and goes up to medium on the largest size.

The Combo: Pflueger offers a total of 8 President rod and reel combos. Rod lengths start at 4’8″ and get as long as 7 feet with reel weights from 5.9 to 10.9 ounces. Line ratings for the combos exist with a range of 2 to 12 pounds, depending on the size you choose. Great for freshwater or inshore saltwater fishing, Pflueger offers what many fishermen consider the best spinning rod and reel combo.

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#2 Abu Garcia Black Max Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

Best spinning rod and reel combo

The Abu Garcia Black Max Combo.

The Reel: Abu Garcia is yet another premium maker of fishing rods and reels. The Black Max spinning reel is for lighter fishing applications and is suitable for saltwater use. They run on a 4 bearing system which includes anti reverse and hold a range of line from 2 to 10 pounds. Features of the reel offer an oil felt drag with stainless steel bearings. The two prominent features of Black Max reels are its Rocket Spool Lip and Slow Oscillating Rotor. The rocket lip extends casts while slow oscillation leaves an even lay of line on the spool.

The Rod: Rods on the Black Max combo use a high density graphite in the blanks that fuse to an aluminum handle. Rods are either one or two piece units for your preference and range in length from 5’6″ to 6’6″. The graphite has a 24 ton breakage capacity making it nearly impossible to snap under the heaviest of strains.

The Combo: Abu Garcia provides anglers with 4 choices in the Black Max combo series. 2 are single piece rods and the other 2 are two piece shafts. The prices are unbelievable for such lightweight performance. Max drag ranges between 6.4 and 14 pounds giving an ultralight combo more than enough resistance against the fish it should be targeting. Abu Garcia’s Black Max easily qualifies as a best spinning rod and reel combo.

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#3 Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Combo

Best spinning rod and reel combo

The Daiwa Portable Minispin Rod And Reel Combo.

The Reel: The last ultralight suggestion, Daiwa Mini System rod and reel combos break down into a hard carry case that’s perfect for camping or to store in your vehicle. It makes use of small one bearing reel and a multi disc drag. The reel’s main feature is the Twist Buster which keeps those nasty wind knots from forming. Put up to 60 yards of 6 pound mono line on the Daiwa Minispin reel and your’re ready to fish.

The Rod: Daiwa Minispin rods come in 5 pieces that equal 4 foot six inches in length when put together. Their ideal lure weight is between a light 1/16 – 1/4 ounces. Rods break back down quickly and store within compartments in the case for protection. Apply firm steady pressure to build the 5 pieces into one rod and they’ll stay together while fishing.

The Combo: The Daiwa Minispin system makes the reviews for the best spinning rod and reel combo mainly because of its portability. That’s not to say the combo doesn’t perform. It’ll put a hurting on any bream species and you’ll be surprised by the size trout they can handle. Carry the Daiwa Minispin case anywhere and you’ll always be ready to fish.

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#4 Penn Battle II Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

Best spinning rod and reel combo

The Penn Battle II Rod And Reel Combo

The Reel: Those anglers who venture into saltwater fishing will want something with a little more beef. The Penn Battle II offers a wide selection of reel sizes and features a sturdy design made with saltwater protection. The lightest reel holds line as light as 4 pound mono and moves up to 30 pounds in the heaviest 8000 model. A full metal body and side plates with an aluminum spool make these one of the most durable reels on the market.

The Rod: Penn matches their Battle II reel with a graphite Battle rod. These are tough rods that use aluminum oxide guides for anti rust protection. With 9 different combos to choose from, Penn gives anglers options in rod length, action, and power. Battle rod lengths start at 6’6″ and get as long as 10 feet with plenty of options in between. The rod action is pretty fast, ranging from medium fast to extra fast, and power goes from medium light to heavy.

The Combo: Battle II combos offer a solid match for each model of spinning rod and reel. They also bring a reduced price when bought together. 9 models give anglers a wide range of choices in rod behavior, length, and power making them suitable for most saltwater situations. Take the trouble out of matching rod and reel yourself by going with one of the most powerful saltwater spinning rod and reel combos on the market.

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#5 Penn Pursuit II Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

Best spinning rod and reel combo

The Penn Pursuit II Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

The Reel: Staying with Penn you’ll find the Pursuit II, very much like the Battle II above but less expensive. The reels and rods of Pursuit II combo models also give a wide range in choice, just like the Battle II. Though Pursuit II reels may not be as sturdy with their graphite frames, they do resist the rust, are lightweight, and perform exceptionally well. Pick the smallest model and put on 6 pound test for surf fishing or go big fish heavy and choose the 8000 model that holds 30 pound line.

The Rod: Penn provides savings by offering a sturdy graphite based rod along with the Pursuit II reel. The rods use the common aluminum oxide guides that provide the smoothest surface for line and protect against rust. Lengths range from 7′ to 10′ with several choices in the 9 model series. These are fast action rods that have a sensitive tip yet strong backbone to pull on heavier fish. Power ratings range from medium light in the smallest combo to heavy in the 10′ best spinning rod and reel combo.

The Combo: Anglers can always find value in spinning rod and reel combos, especially with the Pursuit II reel attached. The Pursuit II is basically a graphite version of the well known Battle II reels. This makes it less durable over time but it keeps the weight down and graphite won’t rust. The rods make a fine match for more powerful saltwater species but also offer fast action to feel the fish.

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Final Opinion On Spinning Rod And Reel Combos

From ultra lightweight freshwater fishing for species like bluegill and sunfish to offshore big yellowfin tuna, these combos offer it all. You can go through the trouble of matching your own spinning rod and reel separately. Many anglers do, as they feel this creates the best spinning rod and reel combo. You can opt to simplify matters by checking any one of the 5 combos above, saving time and cash in the process.

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