Camping Stove Reviews: Find A Best Backpacking Stove 2017

Guides on Choosing A Top Rated Backpacking Stove 2017

There are so many different kinds of outdoor stoves on the market. Sometimes, it is a little hard for you to choose one that suit your needs. In this article, we will talk about tips on choosing a best backpacking stove. We will introduce the main types of outdoor stoves, and then we will move on the steps to choose a camp stove.

 top rated camping stove and reviews

And at last we will introduce some best rated camp stoves, and talk about camping stove reviews, ratings and comparisons between them.

Types of Outdoor Stoves

There are different types of outdoor stove to choose from and these include the following:

1. Canister Stoves

This stove burns hot at a fast rate. It requires a pressurized canister of butane to operate. With a canister stove, you can boil 2 cups of water in 3 minutes of less. There is also no problem for the camping stoves to burn at the desired level, unless in very cold weather conditions. Ideally, you should maintain the right temperature of the fuel canister, which is over 40 degrees Fahrenheit to pressurize or vaporize the fuel.

The best thing about a canister stove is the ease in setting it up. Simply hook up the fuel canister and light the stoves to get started. It has ample power for cooking big batches of meals. The only downside, though, is the high cost of the camp stove and the fuel. You may also need to bring with you extra canisters since it is hard to determine the amount of fuel left in the canister you are using.

Aside from the price point of the backpacking stoves, you will have to factor in the weight. For instance, the fuel canister is about 1 pound heavy, which adds to the 1 pound (or less) weight of the stove system. If you are hiking up the mountains, this can be a bit tough to manage. There is also more garbage produced with this stove because of its disposable packaging.

2. White Gas or Liquid Fuel Stoves

Although it has some similarities with the canister stoves in terms of the appearance, the distinct feature of this cooking unit is the white gas being burned. It is also much cheaper than the other stove type, plus maximum energy can be expected. You can boil 2 cups in as fast as 2.5 to 4 minutes, which is just a little slower than what the canister stove offers.

Unfortunately, there are some parts of the stoves that require proper maintenance and cleaning. There is also a need to pressurize the fuel bottle by pumping it up. In case there is a spill in your backpack, this leaves a strong smell or stains on the area with the fuel leakage.

640px-coleman_stove-gasGroup cooking is a breeze with a canister stove. Even if you have to cook at a high elevation, you should not have any problem with a white gas stove. The only thing you may be concerned about is the weight of this stoves that is about the same as how the canister stove weigh. Do you like a portable gas camping stove?

3. Alcohol Stoves

For campers or backpackers who prefer a lighter stove for their trip, then the alcohol stove is a practical choice. It is made of a recycled soda can, which gives the camping stove a lightweight quality. You can count on it for cooking in the outdoors without having to break the bank.

With this type of camp stove, only a little amount of fuel is required to cook meals. This means that it spares you from the hassle of carrying extra canisters of fuel that tend to be quite heavy. Boil time, however, is not too fast. Two cups should be steaming hot after 4.5 minutes. Nevertheless, it has plenty of power to cook large batches of dishes for a group. The important thing is to make sure the backpacking stove can hold the weight of the food you are cooking.

Is this type ideal to be your best backpacking stove? If you are heading out to a 2 to 3-day outdoor trip, you only need one fuel can and this stove. The total weight should not exceed 6 ounces. There is also no worry about a foul smell or stain in case the fuel spills. Your choices of fuel are also extensive such as a 91 percent Isopropyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, or the Burn Liquid Heet (the latter being available at a typical auto parts store). Keep in mind that an alcohol stove is not robust enough to handle very high altitudes or frigid climates.

4. Esbit Stoves

At first glance, the esbit stove may not strike you as a typical stove. In fact, it appears as a pot-stand combined with a cup functioning as a fuel holder. However, the esbit stove uses fuel in solid tablets that are light enough for any backpacker. It also suffices to use an inexpensive supply of fuel that should last you for a quick trip.

As for its performance, it can take a while to boil water or cook food. It may take around 12 minutes for you to boil 2 cups of water. It may also not be too powerful to handle group cooking.

5. Wood Stoves

In essence, a wood stove does not exactly qualify as a conventional stove since it is more like a small metal fire pit. But when it comes to power and performance, it is more practical than the esbit stove. There is no need for you to bring a fuel source around just to get this stove started. Just be prepared to start a fire in different conditions since it may be a bit tricky after or during a downpour.

If you prefer something cheap and lightweight for a stove, then the wood stove is for you. As long as you have a little tin can, all you have to do is to punch holes at the bottom to get all set up. Lastly, the boiling time depends largely on what you are cooking. It can also be almost the same as when you cook your food over a campfire. Be sure to choose the cooking capacity of the model you purchase since some are ideal for group cooking while others are only for personal use.

How to Choose A Best Backpacking Stove 2017?

One important question you should answer in selecting the right cooking stove for you is by identifying your exact needs for this unit. Here are a few things to remember:

1. Know what you will use the camping stove for.

Are you thinking of just using the backpacking stove to boil water? If so, then you can do well will a compact integrated system. It is the perfect option for minimalists who only need a basic stove to handle boiling water. However, it would definitely not hurt to come prepared in case you find yourself surrounded by tougher weather conditions. This is why an inverted canister setup or liquid fuel should help a lot. In our camping stove reviews, you will find some top rated canister camping stoves.

When it comes to rehydrating food or heating up your packed meals, you should do just fine with a single-burner camping stove. It should be suitable for a shorter trip, yet it is a reliable choice for any backpacking or hiking adventure without creating a drag on your pack.

If you think you will end up staying in the outdoors for a few days, then you need a camp stove that can be used for cooking basic meals. We are not talking about fancy dishes here, but more of a stack of warm tortillas with scrambled eggs. This is why it is best to opt for a double-burner stove that can handle the amount of cooking you need. You can also make a nice serving of chili or stew with a basic camping stove. In our camp stove reviews, we will introduce two or three double-burner stoves to you.

Group cooking needs a more heavy-duty stove. Naturally, you need multiple burners for the backpacking stove, which will allow you to cook big batches of food. If you are only feeding about 4 people, then a double-burner camp stove should be fine. You may need to expand if there are more mouths to feed.

Do you want to prepare a special meal for the gang? A canister camp stove is the best solution for this type of situation since it can boil and simmer without any problem. You will be surprised to know that there are recent models of this type of stove that can offer you maximum control over what you cook. If you want to adjust the flame without any hassle, then a liquid fuel stove is ideal. As long as there are several burners on your camp stove, you should be able to cook large batches without compromising the flavor (just stay away from a wood-burning or multi-fuel camp stove). Then, give me an answer. Which type is your best camping stove? single-burner, double-burner, or else?

2. Determine the maximum load you can handle.

camp-chef-camping-outdoor-oven-with-2-burner-camping-stove-2Packing light is essential to any backpacker, particularly when it comes to ascending or descending a steep destination. This is why you should not just think about the weight of the stove, but also the fuel. For a single canister system with a small size, the weight may only be just a few ounces. A multi-burner stove, however, can go as heavy as 11 pounds (not including a fuel canister at about 20 gallons).

This is why you should choose a compact heating system that does not add much weight to your pack. Consider the stove’s portability, ease of setup, disassembly, and lightweight quality. There are some models that have parts you can store in a small cooking cup. You will find it easier to travel with less load by choosing this type of cooking unit.

An even lighter option is a liquid fuel container. It is far more easy to bring than a canister stove. Just remember – you will need to carry with you more canisters for a longer trip. Thus, you will have no trouble lugging things around if you rely on a liquid fuel that is easy on the budget, at the same time.

If weight is not a concern since you may end up placing the stove in the back of your vehicle, you can get away with a larger unit. It is ideal for preparing big batches of food, although there is an extra heft to factor in. The more burners it has, the heavier it gets.

3. Opt for a safer fuel.

In todays’ camp stove reviews I would like to stress this factor seriously. It is essential to keep your stove well maintained, so you do not have to thing about leaks and potential safety risks. You also need to prevent fuel storage units, tanks, and canisters from being exposed in the heat for too long. So, in terms of safety, propane canisters are highly reliable. This type of fuel self seals, which means gas does not escape too easily. On the other hand, a liquid fuel canister can be a bit of a problem in terms of spills and leaks. As for white gas, there is the risk of causing fires when it leaks on a surface once too much heat sets it off.

While propane canisters are relatively safer than the other options, there is some guess work required to determine how much is left in the container. If you shake the canister to try to listen to the sloshing sound inside (as your way of checking the amount left), this does not quite give you an accurate idea. The cold weather may also end up burning off the propane, which means there is probably nothing left inside but iso-butane. Hence, the only thing you can do is to open the container and try to check the stuff left in it.

When it comes to refillable fuel canisters, the rule of thumb is to avoid pouring an excess amount of white gas. Unwanted pressure forms quickly in bottles that are overly filled with white gas. Despite the slight inconvenience that comes with refilling the canister with gas, you are doing the environment a favor. This prevents an accumulation of garbage from disposable fuel containers. Again, when choosing the best camp stoves for you, safety is a very important factor to think about.

4. Stress-free maintenance is ideal.

The last thing you want to deal with during your trip is the added burden of maintaining your camp stove. This is why you will love how a canister camping stove is a breeze to clean and maintain. Sure, there is the need to do minor cleanup and inspection on a regular basis, but these are only basic when it comes to preventing accidents. To check for leaks, you may want to spray soapy water on the the connections and the hoses as you run the stove (not while you are cooking, though). If there are loose seals or leaks, you will notice bubble formations in these areas.

A bit tougher to maintain, the liquid fuel camp stove may not be the first choice of most people who do not want to be bothered with lengthy cleanups. However, you cannot deny the fact that white gas burns hot faster. The only issue here is once the older fuel blocks the smooth flow of the stove’s heating system caused by sedimentation. A multi-fuel stove is also not exempted from this problem as more residue occurs from other liquid fuel types. With the hoses all clogged up, the stove will not function well and may even lead to hazardous situations.

Camping Stove Reviews, Ratings, Consumer Reports 2017 – 2016

What is the best camping stove? I would not give you a direct answer. So, instead, we have selected 10 top portable camping stoves, and turn the decision right back to you.  Main features, and sizes, ratings info are included, we believe this comparison form is enough simple for you to compare the main features.

As you can see, these models are all highest rated, with ratings over 4.0. If you are looking for a best propane camp stove, I would recommend            . And if you want a top rated wood burning camp stove, then        is a great option. If you want a dual burner propane stove,             is great, if a three burner propane stove, then       is a great one. And          is a one burner propane stove.

Top 10 Best Camp Stoves of 2016 – 2017

To give you a much more detailed introductions of the camp stoves we compared above, we organized the reviews for the best backpacking stoves. We collected the reviews from the former consumers, and summarized them together. To support understanding, the paremeters of the stoves are also included.

Backpacking stove/ outdoor stove/portable stove

Camp Chef Camping Oven, with Two Burners

camp-chef-camping-outdoor-oven-with-2-burner-camping-stoveCamp Chef outdoor camping oven is designed to make the most use of your cooking experience and expand your camping menu, adding more fun for your camping. With two matchless igniter range burners (7,500 BTU ) and one matchless igniter oven burner (3,000 BTU), this oven makes camping cooking easy and friendly, just like at home. The insulated oven box, with plenty of space and two durable racks, is heat efficient and can heat to about 400 degree. And the transparent window and the built-in temperature gauge are very handy and convenient for better and better cooking skills. Besides, the oven body is made of stainless steel that can effectively prevent corrosion for years, and the cooking surface is covered with nonstick enamel so as to ensure easy and quick cleanup. As for the power, you can use a disposable one-pound propane can, or just adapt to a bulk tank. One-pound propane can use up to five hours on the highest heat. Last, it includes one year manufacturer’s warranty.
1.Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and nonstick enamel cooking surface for thorough and easy cleanup
2.Features two brass burners (7,500 BTU/hr) and one internal oven ( 3,000 BTU/hr)
3.Specification: Range – 21 x 12 inches; Interior Oven – 10 x 16 x 10 inches; Weight – 35 pounds; Maximum Heat – 400°

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove – Cook & Charge & Light Up

biolite-wood-burning-campstoveBy utilizing BioLite’s patented thermoelectric technology, this Campstove is able to convert the heat into usable electricity, which not only powers a fan for ultra-efficient fire, but also can be used to charge small electronics, such as mobile phone, LED lights or others. It must be admitted that BioLite Campstove is extremely fantastic for modern people since we can charge our phone or other gadgets while we are cooking during our outdoor trips or campouts. What’s important, this camp stove doesn’t require heavy and expensive petroleum gas. Simply collect twigs around the camp or backcountry campsite, the fire is there. As thus, this wood burning camp stove reduces carbon pollution and avoids landfill that are accumulated by fuel canisters. Besides, the fire is more like campfire, so bringing this backpacking stove along with the trip will be more interesting. And this outdoor cooking stove has an internal battery to start the fire before the camping stove generates its own power. In short, for compact cooking, quick lighting, convenient charging in the outdoors, you won’t find a better match than BioLite Wood Burning Campstove. Get one for your next excursion.
1.Revolutionary burning stove perfect for outdoors cooking, off-grid power charge or emergency preparedness kits
2.Great lightweight backpacking stove burns without polluting petroleum gas
3.Campstove weight: 2 pounds; Campstove dimension: 8.27 x 5 x 5 inches

Camco Portable Propane Camp Fire – Little or Big Red Campfire

camco-58031-little-red-campfire-portable-propane-camp-fireNo ashes and no needs to gather firewood, Camco’s portable propane camp fire makes it possible to take campfire along with you anywhere and anytime. This outdoor cooking stove is compact in size, super light in weight. And it is completely an amazing campfire in campsites with strict fire restrictions. A ring burner helps to provide more ambiance and joys by presenting a more natural look of campfires. The elevated fire tray offers the safest campfire, which is especially important in the outdoors. It also includes an adjustable regulator with a maximum output of 6500 BTU per hour. And for safe and easy transportation, this portable camping stove is designed with a sturdy lid and security latches. Furthermore, this Camco’s campfire is RV campground approved and offers one-year limited warranty.
1.Perfect for use in campsites with in-ground fire restrictions, enjoy a campfire anytime and anywhere
2.Little Red Campfire (58031): 8-foot propane hose; 11.25-inch fire tray diameter; 65,000 BTU/hr heat output; 10.7 pounds
3.Big Red Campfire (58035): 10-foot propane hose; 13.25-inch fire tray diameter; 65,000 BTU/hr heat output; 11.5 pounds

Camp Chef Everest Two Burner Stove

camp-chef-everest-high-output-2-burner-stoveCamp Chef Everest stove is compact in size, but maintains maximum 20,000 BTU. This propane camp stove features two high-pressure burners to provide all the you needed heat for your outdoor cooking, whether you are alone or have a bunch of friends around. This portable camping stove has two separate burner controls for maximum controls. Besides, this outdoor burner stove comes with an ignition system, so you are free from the need to locate match, but enjoy quick and convenient fire-up. The cooking grate which made of nickel-coated steel is strong enough for pots, or your skillets, and your griddles, which allows you using various cooking tools to enrich the dishes. Apart from that, the windscreen is extremely useful design for outdoor cooking, since it can help keep out the wind and avoid fire extinction. Do you like this outdoor burner stove?
1.Lightweight and compact propane stove with two 20,000 BTU burners
2.Matchless ignition system for quick and easy fire-up
3.Dimensions: 23.5 x 4.25 x 13.5 inches; 21.7 pounds

Solo Stove Lite Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

solo-stove-lite-compact-wood-burning-backpacking-stoveSolo Stove Lite has a double wall to create unique gasification and a secondary combustion so as to produce less smoke and maximize burning efficiency. And how this patented stove works? The bottom vents bring the air in and flows up the bottom of the grate for the primary combustion. And the air entered from the bottom vents heats up inside the interior wall, and flows up and rises out of the top firebox vents, thus creating the secondary combustion. The whole process releases less smoke, allowing cleaner burn. In addition, the backpacking stove doesn’t uses petroleum as its fuel. Just get some twigs, leaves or wood along with your journey or trips, you can get the fire easily. So this Solo burning stove is highly efficient and virtually green. What’s more, this camping stove is compact and ultra-lightweight, saving more space for your backpack and lightening your traveling loads. As the No.1 wood-burning backpacking stove recommended by serious survivalists and professional magazines, Solo Stove Lite should be a must-have backpacking stove.
1.Efficiency: Unique gasification and secondary combustion process allows complete burn
2.Green Fuel: uses twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as fuel instead of petroleum
3.Lightweight & Compact: 9 ounce & 4.25 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches

Coleman Classic Two-Burner Propane Stove

coleman-classic-propane-stoveThis Coleman’s propane stove is perfect for camping, hunting, tailgating parties, backpacking trips, or other outdoor activities. Engineered with two 10,000 BTU burners, this propane camp stove regulates the pressure to ensure a consistent cooking performance, even in worse condition, such as cold weather, high altitudes, or insufficient fuel. Normally, this two-burner stove can last up to one hour on one propane cylinder (16.4 ounce) with both burners on maximal heat output. For better cooking, this camp stove comes with Coleman’s Windblock side panels, which not only keep burners away from the wind for maximum heat, but also help adjust to fit different pans. Besides, the cooktop, made of aluminized steel, is rust-resistant and can last years. And the grate, made from heavy-duty nickel chrome, is removable for thorough and easy cleaning. In a word, this Coleman’s classic two-burner stove is sure to deliver an ideal outdoor experience.
1.Equipped with two burners (10,000 BTU/hr) and high pressure regulator for consistent cooking flames
2.One propane cylinder can last up to one hour on the highest heat output
3.Measures 23.25 x 5.5 x 14.75 inches, weighs 4 ounces and carries a three-year manufacturer’s warranty

As you can see, a good stove should have great quality, work smoothly and be easy to use. The best backpacking stove models we recommend in this article all have high ratings, and we suggest you to consider them when you are choosing your stove for your next camping, backpcking journey. Hope your like our camping stove reviews and tips we mentioned in this article, and see you then!


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