7 Books for children with or without special abilities

Children with Special Abilities like to Read too

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While not everyone enjoys reading it is a skill that is enforced in school.  Parents that read to their children from the time they are still growing in mommy’s belly, are already showing their children several factors in life.  For one they begin to recognize the voice of their parents, and secondly, they start to hear stories that can then be paired with pictures when they come out of the womb.  Children then gain a love of reading and learning and enjoy going to school.  (This is of course while they are young, once they hit those teenage years all bets are off.)  For those, like myself, who are parents to special needs children, the goals are the same.  We want our children to have the same goals and successes even though they might have a harder time accomplishing those goals.  No matter if your child has special needs or not, the following book series are great stories, with plenty of books in their lines to keep a child interested for a long time to come.


PinkaApples-thumbThis book series is about a girl with the same name as the title of the story.  Her last name is Pinkerton, and they are all from Pinkville.  She has a brother named Peter and a unicorn named Goldilicious (from her imagination.)  The series is cute and reads well, although a bit advanced for beginners.  The illustrations are very colorful with of course a lot of pink in them.  Several of the characters in the town frequent the stories, and they cover holiday themes, new teachers, and many other things that are school related, making it a school child’s favorite.  There are currently over 25 books in the series with new ones coming out all the time.


Who doesn’t like Barbie?  She has been around for over 60 years now, and recently has a cartoon series and now a new kid book series.  A bit more simplistic then Pinkalicious, these make great beginner stories.  The series has few books so far, but as popularity grows with toys and the book world, there could be more.  The stories take on the life of the character, going over different jobs she has had, or friends she helps along the way through the story.


51Bkt7Op0CL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This series is about a little pup named Biscuit, and this series is also very simplistic.  There is always a “woof woof” in the pages as Biscuit has his own response.  This is a great series to start as a baby and grow with until the child can read the pages on their own and start to get bored with it.  There is a little girl who is never named in the story, that is Biscuit’s owner.  Together the two of them go on small adventures around the house, and sometimes in the big city with Dad.  There are over 20 Biscuit books, with several Holiday themes as well.

Little Critters

760181Think of Bears, and you get an idea of what the critters are.  This series primarily focuses on the boy critter, and he seems to be about the toddler age, although some of the stories portray him a little older.  He tells the stories from his perspective by showing what he can do.  The stories cover his family, what he helps with, what he likes to do, what he does when he gets mad, and more.  They are cute and colorful with the words advanced enough to follow, keeping children interested.  This series has over a dozen different books in it, and has been portrayed as different books in the past.

Paw Patrol

9780385384452_p0_v1_s192x300This popular series is based off the cartoon shown on Nickelodeon.  It’s a series about dogs that are all in different emergency and helpful fields of employment.  There are some as Firefighters, Policeman, Construction workers, and all the dogs are different breeds.  They rescue people in trouble and save the day.  The stories come in different learning levels, called Step Books, and they range from one to three steps.  Each story has its own adventure and kids seems to have their favorite characters, either based on the type of dog or the field of work they happen to be in.  There are also coloring books, sticker books, and puzzle books from the Paw Patrol.


Amelia Bedilia

9780061964114This book series is about the main character of the same name.  Her full name is often used throughout a book, making it seem quite redundant to parents reading it, but since the name rhymes the kids get a kick out of it.  Stories are often told about her adventures with friends, or her school.  There are even stories about her mom, and lessons that teach a child to think of others before they think about themselves.  Many of the stories have silly questions, or answers in them.  It’s the only popular children’s series I’ve seen that talks about garage sales, what happens when a friend moves away, and when birds start a nest in your yard.  The pictures are colorful and grab the attention.  There are two different versions of the series that can throw you off a bit though.  One is that of an older version that appears to be dressed as a maid, and the other more common type is that of a young girl.

Pete the Cat

This simplistic series is also based on the name of the main character.  These are simple stories with few words per page, making it easy for children to learn from.  The character Pete has many adventures that he either goes on by himself, with his mom, or his brother Bob.  The drawings seem a little crude and square-ish, but it is also what happens to give the story some charm.  Children have often requested me to read this series to them at the library reading time, or in the classroom.

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