4 Fun Games You Can Do with a Paddle

Fun Family Games Using a Paddle and Ball

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Family fun doesn’t have to lead to anything expensive, nor does it have to involve electronics.  Sometimes you can just have fun around the house, and the cost can be under $20 for hours of entertainment.  It all depends on you, and your family, and of course getting everyone off of their devices.  Back before the days of electronics, people had fun with their families and created their own games.  You can start the tradition up again, with some of these simple games that are easy to play.

Every one of the games listed below requires a paddle.  While most of them should be played with a partner, you can still play some of the games by yourself If you are a little creative.  You do need to have some space in order to play and it doesn’t involve much more than the driveway or the yard to have some fun.  You will need to have room to swing the paddle, and room for the ball to fly across to someone else.  On average, you will spend about $15 to have this kind of fun, and once paid for you can continue to use it at home or on the go.  It’s fun to take these games to the beach or even on a family trip.

Smash Ball

Smash Ball is a game that uses a large paddle that looks like a ping pong paddle but is the size of a racquet ball racquet.  The authentic version is easy to spot as the words will be nice and large across each paddle.  It takes a small ball, like a rubber ball, but hollow on the inside to play this game.  To play you need two players and you hit the ball back and forth, keeping it from touching the ground for as long as possible.  With 4 people, you can play with two balls or one ball taking turns.

The sets are sold with 2 paddles and one ball.  Standard is the wood tone although the color of the ball will vary.  Within the last two years there have been neon black colored sets which stand out in the dark a bit.  A set costs between $12 and $15, with replacement balls sold in a pack of 3 for $3.  You can find them in many sporting goods stores during the summer months, and most stores along coastal cities, including beaches.

Racquet Ball

If traveling is not an option for you (or you just don’t feel like going anywhere), and you want to play a game of racquet ball you still can If you have a Smash Ball set.  You can even do this by yourself if nobody else wants to play.  You simply need the driveway and the garage door as your backboard.  For a few dollars, you can get some colored masking tape or painters tape and use it to run a line along the garage door, and another line along the driveway for your markers.  Now you have a perfect set up to play racquetball at home.  You might need the actual ball though as the Smash Ball ball itself is small and doesn’t bounce that well.

Ping Pong

For under $20 you can play ping pong at home without a ping pong table.  You will need to have a large wooden surface to play on though, or at least a hard surface, the rest of the materials you can buy at the store.  A kit that comes with two paddles, a couple of balls and a net are found in stores for under $20, with replacement balls sold for about $3 for a pack of 6.  The net hooks to the sides of the table or with suction cups and makes for an easy way to play the game on the go, since you can pack it up and take it with you.  If you have about $600 or a little under you can buy yourself a ping pong table that will be stored in the garage.  The table can fold in half which will save some space, and if your garage is insulated from the cold, it provides a perfect place to play in the winter.  With certain table that fold one side in half, (folding up) a person can play by themselves and work on their skills and speed.  Otherwise this is a two to four player sport, so bring a friend.

Paddle Ball

This is a simple game that is made of a small hand held paddle that is made out of bolsa wood.  Attached in the middle of the paddle is a long rubber string, and on the other end of the string is a small rubber ball.  The object of the game is simple, bounce the rubber ball on the paddle as much as you can.  The string will keep it from falling off, and allow you to hit it sideways, downwards and right side up.  Test your skills with one on each hand, or have a competition to see how long you and a friend of family member can keep it up.  Making your own would cost around $5 for the supplies, but you can simply buy them for under $2 each.

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