3 Hollow Handle Survival Knives to Keep You Safe

Choosing a Survival Knife made easy

When you are out in the wilderness there are many things to consider.  You have limited resources at your disposal and limited space to keep them in.  A good

Choosing a Survival Knife to keep you safe

knife is always handy to have at your side and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it has many different uses.  Choosing a knife to take with you on any of your trips can be a tough decision for some, but there are some things to consider when you are choosing one.  Listed below are three knives that I find work very well in these situations because of the hollow handle.

Where space is an issue to store items the hollow handle on these blades gives you a slight edge over other blades with a solid handle.  While a solid handled knife will have more weight and heft to it, the storage in the handle comes in handy in a pinch.  It allows you to keep small items out of the way, with easy access to them in case you need them.

Linder Knife Survival Hollow Handle Bowie Hunting Camping Tactical Fixed Blade

linderThis first knife is a nice foot long in total length.  The blade itself is just under 8 inches in length and the entire thing is not painted, with the original stainless steel finish.  It can be found in many locations, but not all stores carry this older blade anymore.  Looking online will net you auction sites and online stores only that have a price that ranges from $30 to $50 per blade.  Typically for $40 you get the blade with everything included.  The generic survival kit comes with matches, cord, and sewing notions.  It’s best to make your own and you can store it in the plastic container that slides into the hollow hilt, or remove it completely giving you slightly more space.

  • The hollow handle comes with a small survival kit inside.
  • Includes a Black Cardura sheath with sharpening stone, snap retainer and leg ties.
  • Clip-point bowie blade has long, fine cutting edge, serrated clip, and saw-tooth back.
  • The stainless-steel finger guard is equipped with tie holes.
  • Knurled aluminum handle is hollow with threaded, knurled cap.
  • Cap has built-in compass on the underside, unscrew it to see.
  • 12 ¼ inch total length, the blade itself is 7 ¾ in length.
  • 420 stainless steel blade

Survival Scout II

survival knife to keep you safeThis next knife is the sequel to a blade that came out years ago, and was a staple for scouts.  This blade is completely black, making it easy to blend in with clothing, and contains many of the same features as the Linder Knife.  It is a bit smaller in blade though, but makes up for it in looks.  The only thing I don’t like about a black blade though is that if you drop it at night, it could be difficult to find.  This blade is straight on one side with serrated edges on the other.  The handle is green though which gives it a two tone look

  • Fantastic looking 11 inch long, black stainless steel blade.
  • Gascketed hollow handle contains a compass and a spring loaded watertight canister.
  • Overall Knife Length: 16″ (inches)
  • Fitted nylon sheath with belt loop comes with a snap compartment with a sharpening stone.
  • Sharpened Blade Length: 10 (inches)

BudK and Tomahawk

Black Survival KnifeIf you are looking for something a little smaller, that is better concealed you might want to consider brands such as BudK and Tomahawk.  Both of these companies make survival knives that are less then ten inches in total length, and have hollow handles.  This does mean less storage space though so keep that in mind when choosing the smaller blade.  Both companies make a blade that has a black blade with black handle and sheath.

Both come with a black handle and blade but also feature the following:

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Survival Kit in comes in the handle.
  • Full Metal Construction on the Tomahawk Brand, Plastic Handle on the BudK brand.
  • Built to Last

The Tomahawk brand keeps true to its blades since they make many different tomahawks as well.  Some of these axes even contain hollow handles that can be used as storage too.

Warnings to the buyers and sellers:

Buyer beware on blades as you should handle one yourself before you purchase.  If you happen to be in a store that sells them you can get a full description before you buy them online.  There are government and state restrictions that must be followed for vendors selling these blades so there could be questions before you are allowed to make your purchase.  Similar rules apply to shipping these items too, so be sure you are in a location that allows them to be shipped.

Plastic handles are common in knives that are priced under the $20 range.  This is why it is important to inspect the blade first.  While a plastic handle is generally made sturdy enough, they do break easier than a metal handle will.  One user took the compartment and filled it with hard wax to offset the balance and give his blade more heft.  It did however eliminate the storage compartment in the process though.  These knives are great for beginners that are using a knife for the first time, learning how to sharpen the blade and typical uses.

Since most of these knives contain a storage compartment with a survival kit, this doesn’t mean you need to use the same survival kit.  It is going to be your survival so you should place things you are going to need instead.

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